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The Best Place to Shoot a Deer With a Bow

Proper shot placement is a key element to successful bowhunting. You can spend the off-season putting arrows through bullseyes to improve shot accuracy, but if you don’t know where to aim, you’re probably going to go home empty-handed.

Parts of a Compound Bow and What They Do

The world of archery comes with its very own lingo. For those new to the sport, it can take some time to learn all the unique terms in the archery language. However, if you’re going to talk archery, you need to know what you’re talking about.

Archery Workout

Archery’s health benefits and how to get in shape for the sport. Archery doesn’t require superhuman strength. While upper body strength is definitely an advantage, archery requires more stability, flexibility, and good posture than brute strength. However, archery is a physical sport, so increasing your general fitness is only going to help you improve your […]

Compound Bow Manufacturers and Brands

A bow and arrow to many hunters is much more than a piece of equipment. The history of the brand that built it and the values and passion they instill into their bows is often just as, if not more, important than the bow’s performance itself. Today we will take a look at a few […]

How to pick a compound bow

With a few of the top manufactures and their stories representing what the compound bow market has to offer, you can now start to see what values and goals each manufacturer wants to sell to their customers. Depending on your current level of experience in archery, each manufacturer may offer a different style of bow […]

Bowhunting 101 For Beginners

It’s early in morning. While the world is waking up and the animals are beginning to stir, you wait in the forest for the perfect moment to strike. You set your eyes on your target and with only a light whoosh of air, your arrow is sent flying and the target is dead. This is […]

Olympic Archery – Equipment, Bows, Targets, and Distance

Since the dawn of time, humans have been using bows and arrows to hunt animals so that they could ensure their own survival. The first bow and arrow may have been made from stick, bone, and string, but modern-day bow and arrows seem like a completely different beast altogether. They have been carefully crafted and […]

Fred Bear quotes: 16 popular archery and hunting quotes

It is difficult not to mention Fred Bear, if you talk about bowhunting. Fred Bear was in many ways one of the pioneers when it comes to bowhunting. Fred was the founder of Bear Archery, a reason many still know his name. Fred Bear was also world traveler and film producer, and he produced several […]