Diamond Bows Review: The Bows Young Archers Need

One of the best things about being a parent is spending time with your children. Bonding through fun activities and new experiences is essential for the development of a strong parent-child relationship. So, when I decided to introduce my son to archery, naturally I gravitated toward Diamond Archery products. My decision was further validated by the thorough analysis of the brand and perusal of several Diamond bows reviews.

My child’s first bow: What should I look for?

I was surprised that my son was as enthusiastic about archery as I am. It was clear that his first compound bow must pass the test of durability, longevity and versatility. He is a quick learner and is growing fast, so I needed to find a compound bow that could adapt to his learning curve, drawing power and changing preferences (target practice or hunting).

Luckily the Diamond bows product line has all the features and characteristics I was looking for in a compound bow.

Introducing the Diamond Archery Compound Bow

Diamond Archery is a leading manufacturer of compound bows and is trusted by millions of archery enthusiasts. Over the years, the company has created a name for itself by building a reputation for unmatched accuracy, great adjustability and superior performance.

What are the advantages of using a diamond bow?

Diamond Archery offers well-designed and constructed bows perfect for target practice and hunting. These bows have a minimum draw weight of 5 lbs, which is ideal for young archers starting with their first bow. That said; the maximum draw weight of these bows is as much as 70 lbs, which can be increased by adjusting the limbs.

A higher let-off percentage means the bow is easier to hold and handle at full draw. It also guarantees deep penetration and higher accuracy. Diamond bows with a 7” brace and 80% let-off deliver stability, ease of use, and accuracy.

The hallmark of these bows is their versatility. Diamond bows use all four types of cam systems: Single, Binary, Twin and Hybrid. Single cam bows are easier to use but need experienced hands for proper tuning. Whereas, the binary cam bows are ideal for high velocity and accurate shots. 

These bows also have a maximum draw length of 30”, which can be easily adjusted to suit your arm length and shooting style.

A lightweight bow

Young archers learning the basics would prefer lightweight and easily adjustable bows. The average weight of the Diamond bows is 3.6 lbs; some weighing as little as 3.2 lbs – a good choice for beginners and female archers. The heaviest bow in the shelf is the Medalist 38 bow, which weighs 4.5 lbs.

Another noteworthy feature quite useful to beginners is the easy adjustability. With an Allen wrench, the Diamond bows can be easily adjusted from weaker to stronger power – as the archer develops muscle power and gains experience.

The Diamond bows are sturdy, long-lasting, and very reasonably priced. Diamond bows will be your companion for years; you only have to change the strings once a year. Besides, if you register your bow on their website, your bow will have a lifetime warranty. 

Diamond bows- a reliable choice

My search for the ideal compound bow to introduce my son to archery ended at the doorsteps of Diamond Archery bows.

These bows are sturdy and lightweight; easy to use and accurate; easily adjustable and versatile – so they can serve the needs of the beginners as their skill and strength grow.