Elite VICTORY 37 VSB Compound Bow

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Elite VICTORY 37 VSB bow for sale

Brace Height: 6.75 "
Axle to Axle Length: 37 "
Draw Length: 26 " - 31 "

Draw Weight: 30 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed: 340 fps
Weight: 4.2 lbs

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VICTORY 37 VSB reviews

Just like any good bow on the market, Elite makes bows that are very adjustable so many archers can use them. However, the new Victory VSB system allows archers with shorter draw lengths to get the most out of one of Elite’s best and most influential target shooting bows.

Things to Consider Before Buying

The Victory 37 VSB was designed to be a competitive entry into the world of compound bow target shooting for archers who are a little smaller than average. Its long length of 37 inches, combined with its reinforced risercage technology make for a very stable shooting platform that has the balance to shoot accurately with every shot. The VSB system on this variant of the Victory 37 means that it can have a shorter draw length than the normal bow and makes it better suited for smaller framed archers.

The shooting speeds of up to 330 fps mean that the Victory is as fast as it is accurate. Its beyond parallel limbs design help to disperse the weight of the large bow evenly and increases the feeling of balance in the hands of an archer. The Victory has been praised by many competitive archers for its accuracy and reliability when shooting. It has solidified itself as one of the great target shooting compound bows, and is making iself accessible to even more archers with the VSB addition.

Who Should Buy it?

The Elite Victory 37 VSB has all the features a target shooter needs and also has the specifications to make it a formidable hunting bow. The large frame and sturdy riser design mean that the Victory will not only be stable but feel balanced in the hands of the shooter. The VSB system brings the accuracy and reliability of the Victory 37 to smaller archers who would be the best customers to use this bow.

Who Shouldn’t Buy it?

Even if you think you want to get into to target shooting with the Victory, it may not be the bow for everyone. Because of the VSB cams on this variant of the bow, it is designed with shorter draw archers in mind and wouldn’t be suitable for larger archers. The specific uses for this bow are also limited so any serious hunter who needs specialized sound suppression technology will want to look elsewhere for their bow.


  • The victory 37 has a frame and limbs that help it become increasingly stable
  • The high speeds of the bow keep it shooting accurately at increasing distances
  • The VSB cams enable more archers to get use out of the excellent Victory 37 design
  • The cams allow for smooth and consistent shooting after every shot


  •  The Victory has a higher price due to its unique VSB cams and target shooting focus
  • The VSB system limits the number of users who can shoot this bow

Final thoughts 

The Elite Victory 37 has the makings to be one of the greatest target bows of all time, and the VSB system allows the 37 to get more archers to the range and winning tournaments than ever before. For the smaller archer looking to take a bow to the range to test their skills, the Elite Victory 37 VSB will be a reliable and balanced companion keeping you in the 10s for many years to come.

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Specifications for the Elite bow: VICTORY 37 VSB

Brace Height6.75 “
Axle to Axle Length37 “
Draw Length26 ” – 31 “
Draw Weight30 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed340 fps
Weight4.2 lbs
Let-Off75 – 90%

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Elite bows for sale

The Elite VICTORY 37 VSB Compound Bow is manufactured by Texas Instruments Inc. (TI). The bow has a great deal of features and capabilities that makes it a good choice for hunters. There are many different models of this bow. It comes in two basic forms, the entry level bows and the Advanced form. The bow has three different levels of power. The bow has six strings that are woven together to produce two sets of strings at one time.

This bow can have two or three barrels at the same time. It comes with a full stock. There are also detachable parts that allow it to be disassembled. It has three locking studs that are located on the butt and shaft. These studs lock in place when they are fitted. There are also at least three locking screws that secure the butt in place. The limbs can be replaced with a spacer that is made of PVC or aluminium to adjust the archery’s level of power.

The bow is one of the highest rated bows available. It has a one year warranty on it. This bow is manufactured under the supervision of a leading bow manufacturer. The bows are often used by competitive archers as they provide high levels of precision and accuracy. It is a reliable product and it is reasonably priced. The bow has enough features to keep archers enjoying themselves and will keep them coming back for more.