Martin AXXON-36 Compound Bow

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Martin AXXON-36 bow for sale

Brace Height: 6.87 "
Axle to Axle Length: 36 "
Draw Length: 28 " - 31 "

Draw Weight: 50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed: 333 fps

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AXXON-36 reviews

Having the confidence in your bow to do what you need it to do is one thing, but having a heritage and precedent of other prized archers having the same faith in the same bow is an incredibly reassuring experience. With the new Martin AXXON-36, you can shoot easy knowing you are using the same bow as many prized archers.

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you want to shoot like the best, you need to try and get as close to their experience as possible. At the root of every prized archer is their bow. When you pick up and feel an AXXON bow line, you can immediately tell it was meant to dominate at the target range. One of the immediate things an archer will notice with the AXXON-36 is that it is incredibly balanced and easy to hold. The Balanced Bow Technology that Martin integrated into this bow means that the grip location was designed with intent and precision in mind and the bows’ overall weight distribution makes it feel just right in the hands.

Alongside this technology, Martin also introduces the RRAD Weight Distribution System, which allows archers to personally adjust the weight distribution of their bows by adding or removing certain weight elements. The additional balancing technologies are excellent on their own, and they pair really well with the new cams and Tri Loc system on the bow. The Dual Sync cams make for smooth shooting, and the Tri Loc system helps ensure that the entire bow platform is rigid and accurate with every shot.

Who Should Buy it?

For the target archer looking for the ultimate level of customization and personalization, the AXXON 36 will be the perfect companion. With its adjustable weight characteristics that help each archer find their perfect balance, the AXXON-36 will have every archer finding their ideal setup for every situation. The smooth shooting cams and stability enhancing technology also help the bow to remain stable, even under the most intense shooting situations.

Who Shouldn’t Buy it?

Despite its impressive list of accomplishments and innovative technology, the unique personality of the AXXON-36 may not be what everyone is looking for. First and foremost, the AXXON was designed from the ground up to be an excellent target bow and not much else. Any archer looking for a hunting bow or beginner bow would be better off looking elsewhere for a bow that is better suited for their needs.


  • The AXXON line of bows combines balance and accuracy into one award-winning package
  • The new Helix cam technology provides smooth and consistent shooting experiences
  • The adjustable weight and features allow the bow to be catered to many different types of archers


  •  The uniqueness of this bow limits who will be able to use it

Final thoughts 

If all you are looking in a bow is customization and a pedigree for winning, you will be blown away by the features and performance of the AXXON-36.

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Specifications for the Martin bow: AXXON-36

Brace Height6.87 “
Axle to Axle Length36 “
Draw Length28 ” – 31 “
Draw Weight50 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed333 fps
Let-Off65 – 85%

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Martin bows for sale

These arrows are produced by Martin AXXON-36, a brand that is known for being able to produce arrows that are best in the market. Martin AXXON compound bows offer both the performance of traditional composite bows and the durability of traditional recurve bows. However, it does not mean that the AXXON compound bow is inferior. The design is to improve on both bow types.

It can be said that a bow can be a conventional or a compound bow depending on the kind of material used for making the bow. Bow types can be classified into two – longbows and compound bows. Longbows are the traditional bow and compound bows bows that can be altered with one arm. Compound bows are becoming more popular than ever because they are easier to maintain, cheaper to make and longer lasting than the traditional bows. The AXXON compound bow is said to be light and portable enough to take along anywhere one goes. The AXXON bow is also safe as compared to other compound bows.

When choosing a bow, one should also take into consideration their target as well as their shooting style. For example, if one has a big target then they would want to have a bow that is heavy and stronger so that it can handle the stress of a big target. The AXXON bow is designed to suit this style. There are many manufacturers producing bows and the user should be sure to do a little research before buying. You will be able to get the best bows at a good price when you buy from an authorized dealer.