Hoyt AXIUS ULTRA Compound Bow

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Hoyt AXIUS ULTRA bow for sale

Brace Height: 6.75 "
Axle to Axle Length: 34 "
Draw Length: 27 " - 32 "

Draw Weight: 30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed: 334 fps
Weight: 4.6 lbs

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Hoyt makes many bold decisions when creating their bows, and that mentality is very clear in their new Ultra series of bows. One of the newest additions to the Ultra line is the Axius. The Axius offers unparalleled accuracy at the farthest ranges and will leave no target too far for you to take down.

Things to Consider Before Buying

By pushing the industry forward with new technology and innovations with their carbon bows, Hoyt has been pushing the envelope up until it all came together to create the Axius Ultra. The Axius Ultra takes everything Hoyt has done well in the past and improves upon it tenfold. With the new and improved TEC riser design, the bow has a new, wider stance that allows for a more resilient and reliable shooting.

Hoyt’s new ZTR cam system allows archers to take advantage of different shooting positions, smoother shooting, and improved durability. This bow is built to kill consistently and silently, shooting at a blistering 334 feet per second. Included with the Axius Ultra is Hoyt’s effective shock pods and stealthshot technology that has helped their old bows be silent in the field and help the Axius Ultra take out targets at rang with silence. The 34-inch frame and 4.6-pound weight help archers benefit from the carbon technology that creates a comfortably weighted and balanced shooting experience.

Who Should Buy it?

With an intensive amount of detail and technology put into this bow, it is designed for someone who can fully appreciate and utilize all of the components that it offers. Due to its high price tag and intentions for serious hunters, this bow would be most at home in the hands of an intermediate or experienced archer, who would benefit from the RX-4 Ultra’s wide range of features and rigid build. The most experienced of archers will keep finding new things to love about the Axius Ultra every time they shoot it with its vast array of tech and shooting features.

Who Shouldn’t Buy it?

For a beginner, the amount of power and equipment on this bow would simply be overwhelming and take away from the fundamental skills that a newcomer should be developing in their early stages of hunting. However, if a semi-experienced archer was looking for a reliable and powerful bow that they could grow into and keep for a long time, this would be the one.


  • The Axius Ultra innovates on already effective Hoyt bows for the ultimate shooting experience
  • The carbon technology on the bow makes it feel much lighter and allows it to be held for longer
  • The adjustable cam technology allows for many adjustments to make the bow suited for many archers


  •  The Axius Ultra is a larger bow and may not be ideal for smaller archers

Final thoughts 

From the forest to the open plains, the innovative and lightweight Axius Ultra is designed to be a killer at any distance.

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Specifications for the Hoyt bow: AXIUS ULTRA

Brace Height6.75 “
Axle to Axle Length34 “
Draw Length27 ” – 32 “
Draw Weight30 lbs – 80 lbs
IBO Speed334 fps
Weight4.6 lbs

3 quick questions about Hoyt AXIUS ULTRA

🏹 Are Hoyt AXIUS ULTRA bows any good?

Yes – this is a great bow for the experienced archer. Are you a beginner? Check these options.

🏹 How much does a Hoyt AXIUS ULTRA bow cost?

This is not w cheap bow, but you also get an intensive amount of detail and technology in just one bow!

🏹 What type of bow is a Hoyt AXIUS ULTRA bow?

This is a compound bow perfect for the experienced bowhunter.

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Hoyt’s Axiuses are unique are what they do. They are really an artist’s hands-on toy in the mold of a crossbow. It’s the first in a new line of armaments that Hoyt is bringing to the armed forces of the United States. The Hoyt AXIUS ULTRA Compound Bow puts its weight behind a revolutionary X-Folding Design. It is unique in that it is not fixed in place. Instead, it slides out to be assembled and reassembled as needed and desired. This design allows for the quick and easy assembly of the bow and the well-optimized and durable finish makes it a one-stop shop for shooters who like to change or modify their bows when they get tired of the familiar and predictable styling of the latest models.

The AXIUS uLTRA combines the best of each of Hoyt’s ranges: Hoyt Hunter bows, the Tour Standard longbows, and Hoyt Axiuses. A large tubular tube construction that delivers an extra-long draw length with a very fast, smooth, whisper quiet action. This is accomplished with a lock-less, lower profile, snap-in action and an innovative offset of the rear leg to allow for better weight distribution and increased length without sacrificing the axial stiffness of the tailstock. There are a foot release lever, replaceable buttplate and a sturdy black powder-coated aluminum buttplate. Also included is a traditional, open comb design. These unique features contribute to the strength and reliability of the AXIUS.

Hoyt offers the AXIUS with a lifetime warranty. It will look great on your wall, giving you a look that shows off your love of nature and hunting. You’ll also look that much more impressive on the range with a deer of your own. You can expect the AXIUS to be as tough as any other hunting bow. The durability of the AXIUS gives you confidence when you step onto the range and shoot.