Hoyt FX COMP SVX Compound Bow

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Hoyt FX COMP SVX bow for sale

Brace Height: 6 "
Axle to Axle Length: 33 "
Draw Length: 22 " - 27 "

Draw Weight: 30 lbs - 60 lbs
IBO Speed: 309 fps
Weight: 4.2 lbs

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FX COMP SVX reviews

Hoyt bows are known all over the world for their ability to take the skills of the best archers and provide them with all of the power and accuracy they need. With the new FX Comp SVX, Hoyt brings their award-winning package into a smaller package for archer with shorter draw lengths.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Many target bows of the past are incredibly large in size and weight, making it increasingly difficult for smaller framed archers. However, the designers at Hoyt have created the FX Comp to help smaller framed archers shoot with greater comfort, thanks to the bow’s 33-inch frame. The SVX cams on some variants of the FX Comp allow it to shoot at speeds of up to 309 fps, making it one of the fastest bows for its size and weight category. The SVX cam allows for a shooting experience that is smooth and has the added benefit of providing archers with less torque than the competition.

Hoyt created the Comp to be smoother and less vibration prone than their bows in the past. They decided to integrate their outstanding Stealthshot system with newer and more durable materials, in order to ensure their new bows are shooting with fast speeds without the normal vibration. The many features and benefits of Hoyt’s shoot-thru riser help bring the whole package together into one serious shooting machine.

Who Should Buy it?

To the archer who knows what they want in a target bow, the Hoyt FX Comp with SVX cams provides one of the best small-framed shooting experiences on the market. The smaller frame of this bow allows previously out-of-luck archers to get a bow that is suited for their smaller body frame, without sacrificing speed or performance. One of the best suited markets for the Comp would be female archers with smaller frames who need a bow they can wield comfortably without losing out on the power of a larger bow.

Who Shouldn’t Buy it?

Even though the FX Comp may look like a nice and comfortable bow, its deceiving looks should be ignored as this bow has immense power and needs skill to be wielded. The archers who this bow is intended to be used by are professionals with lots of experience shooting target bows. New archers should not be looking at this bow just because it seems like a good deal on the surface. Its pedigree for being accurate at a target range also means that the FX Comp should only be considered by target archers and not hunters.


  • The FX Comp has the unique ability to provide a large bow amount of performance in a small package
  • The SVX cams keep the FX Comp shooting smoother and steadier than the competition
  • The Shoot-thru riser integrated on the FX Comp make it increasingly stable and rigid


  • The smaller frame and target shooting nature make this bow ideal for only a minority of archers

Final thoughts 

The FX comp provides the smaller archer with a bow that was built for them to leave the rest of the competition in the dust, no matter the bow.

Specifications for the Hoyt bow: FX COMP SVX

Brace Height6 “
Axle to Axle Length33 “
Draw Length22 ” – 27 “
Draw Weight30 lbs – 60 lbs
IBO Speed309 fps
Weight4.2 lbs

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The Hoyt FX COMP SVX Compound Bow is a high-tech bow designed by Master Archer Hoyt. This unique design combines the stiffness of a composite bow with the heavy weight of steel. This combination of properties results in a bow that gives out a powerful draw and very reliable shot performance. It is also one of the most technologically advanced bows in its class today.

In today’s world of specialization, innovation, and specialization, this kind of bow is an excellent choice for professionals looking to expand their shooting abilities. Not only does this bow offer the strength and durability of a composite bow, it offers it in a light and compact package that is very user friendly. Anyone who shoots more than a few hundred rounds a year, however, might want to consider some type of compound bow upgrade. There are several options that can increase your shot-to-shot rate and give you more accuracy and power for your money. An adjustable set of limbs and retainer straps that can be used to easily adjust for the amount of stiffness needed for a desired draw weight also is a great option to consider.

The Hoyt FX COMP SVX Compound Bow is a high-performance bow designed for the professional archer. It features a sleek straight bow with a molded foam grip. A carbon fiber core is combined with the stiffness of a composite bow and the weight of steel. One of the advantages of this composite design is that it is lightweight and highly flexible, making it a great choice for a novice archer or for those who shoot less than ten shots a year. Any shooter who uses this bow regularly will notice that this bow gives off a powerful and accurate shot. For anyone who is serious about their game, the Hoyt FX COMP SVX Compound Bow is an excellent choice to consider.