Mission HAMMR Compound Bow

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Mission HAMMR for sale

Brace Height: 6.25 "
Axle to Axle Length: 28 "
Draw Length: 17 " - 29 "

Draw Weight: 16 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed: 300 fps
Weight: 3.4 lbs

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Mission HAMMR Review

Bow hunting is an excellent sport to get involved in, and the best time to get someone into the sport is when they are young. Starting out young gives you time to develop your skills and learn early what it takes to become an archer. At Mission, they designed the Hammr to be just the bow for growing archers looking to become hunters.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Just like any other sport, getting into archery at a young age is the best time to learn and get used to what it takes to shoot a bow. However, just like with skiing or baseball, archery requires you to get new equipment when your skills demand it. To help save archers money by creating a bow that can grow with a learning archer, Mission created the Hammr.  It adapts and gets more powerful as an archer demands it. For helping archers feel comfortable as they get larger, the Hammr has an adjustable draw length range from 17-29 inches of draw, so as archers get larger and need the extra draw, the Hammr is there to give it to them.

Beginner bows are notorious for lacking power, but the Hammr has the ability to adjust its draw weight from 16 to 70 pounds. This very high range of adjustment means that small children can start out at a lower setting and increase it as they get more confident with their abilities and the bow, for a more realistic shooting experience. A top shooting speed of 300 fps is more than enough for learning archers to use at their peak performance, and the Hammr was designed to make every shot from the first to the last as smooth and accurate as possible.

Who Should Buy it?

Learning archers need a bow that was designed with their needs in minds, and the Hammr is just that bow. With its wide range of customization and comfortable ergonomics, the Hammr provides an excellent platform for a new archer to pick up and learn the craft with for many years.

Who Shouldn’t Buy it?

As is fairly obvious by now, the Hammr was designed with new archers in mind and little else. Experienced archers looking for power and hunting features should look to dedicated hunting bows and target archers should do the same in their field. The Hammr is a great bow to learn archery on, but if you already know how to shoot, then it will be of little value.


  • The Hammr offers a learning experience for new archers to learn what it takes to be an archer
  • The adjustability of the platform means that archers of all skill level can find something to learn from the Hammr


  •  The beginner focused design and purpose of the Hammr makes for a lack of power

Final thoughts 

New archers can finally rejoice with the Mission Hammr, a bow that can be bought for a child and create a fully-matured archer in no time.

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Specifications for the Mission bow: HAMMR

Brace Height6.25 “
Axle to Axle Length28 “
Draw Length17 ” – 29 “
Draw Weight16 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed300 fps
Weight3.4 lbs
Let-Offup to 80%

3 quick questions about Mission HAMMR

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How Can I Find a Quality Mission HamMR Compound Bow?
The Mission HAMMR Compound Bow is a new product for a new generation of bow hunters. This compound bow combines two bows made to work together. The Conceptus model is designed with the hunter in mind and combines ergonomic design, stability, strength, durability, and price. The main strength of this bow lies in its lack of draw weight and its high draw ability. The bow is easily shifted around while on the move, while allowing for accurate aim.

The design of the leg support allows for maximum balance and allowing for a longer shot. This bow can be adjusted between a Draw Length of 55″, a Full Draw of 125″ and a Half Draw of 150″. When used for larger game the bow provides more power and speed. The Leg-Rings are comprised of good flexibility and comfort. It’s important to note that the leg rings don’t come standard, the company recommends that customers purchase the leg rings or purchase them through the company if they choose to.

The limbs have been tested and found to provide a much higher degree of accuracy and flexibility. The limb design also allows for a very strong, reliable draw that won’t break on you. The limbs are designed to mimic the conceptus body and utilize the upper limb support systems of the Compound Bow. The legs have a flex system that makes the legs remain in place and increase their stability, thus creating a very comfortable archer. The dual limb design can also be adjusted between full draw and half draw, providing an adjustable shooting platform. The Company’s mission is to offer the best in all types of hunting equipment, and the Mission HAMMR Compound Bow is a testament to their commitment to excellence.