Mission SWITCH Compound Bow

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Mission SWITCH for sale

Brace Height: 6.875 "
Axle to Axle Length: 31 "
Draw Length: 18 " - 30 "

Draw Weight: 11 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed: 305 fps
Weight: 3.84 lbs

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Mission SWITCH Review

Many archers are able to enjoy the sport of hunting for as long as they feel comfortable with their bow, but once the bow begins to feel lacking, many archers hang up their bow for good. With the new Mission Switch, archers can adjust their bow more than ever before to create a tailor-made shooting experience for their skill level.

Things to Consider Before Buying

To create a bow that a wide variety of archers could use and grow with, Mission has to take technology from one of the best names in archery to help solve a universal problem. The parent company of Mission, Mathews Archery, has been ahead of the pack with cam technology for many years and have given their more affordable brand Mission a hand in creating a versatile and resilient bow. As the name suggests, the Mission Switch was designed so that archers would have the ability to switch the power and draw settings on their bow to suit their hunting needs.

At the heart of the bow’s performance is the Crosscentric cam technology that made Mathews so famous, allowing the bow to remain powerful at any setting. Mission designed the bow so archers could adjust the draw weight on the cams and create the shooting profile best suited for their archery style. A new archer can have a lower setting to learn with and a skilled hunter can max out the bow to shoot at speeds of up to 305 fps. The ability to adjust the draw weight from 10-70 pounds is incredibly rare and means that you can go up or down in power to find the perfect shooting profile for your needs.

Who Should Buy it?

With such a wide range of adjustability and customization, the Mission Switch makes for a great bow for a wide variety of archers. The lowest end of the shooting power is easy enough to shoot that a toddler could do it and the top range is what professional archers normally shoot at. The wide range of power this bow can work with means most archer will be able to grow and learn with the Switch.

Who Shouldn’t Buy it?

Even with its extensive range of shooting abilities and power output, some archers may find that the Switch isn’t what they need. Experienced hunters who know exactly how they like to shoot and need more power than what the Switch offers will want to look elsewhere for a more powerful bow that suits their needs.


  • The Switch has a wide range of adjustability and features that almost anyone can pick up and tune to their preference
  • The affordable price point means this bow can be used for many years with a low initial investment


  •  The Bow’s top range of power is fairly low

Final thoughts 

For an archer looking to learn from their bow, the Switch will allow you to learn at your own pace to become the best hunter possible.

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Specifications for the Mission bow: SWITCH

Brace Height6.875 “
Axle to Axle Length31 “
Draw Length18 ” – 30 “
Draw Weight11 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed305 fps
Weight3.84 lbs
Let-Offup to 80%

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Mission Switch – Compound Bow Review
The Mission SWITCH Compound Bow is a premium hunting/fishing bow made by the Mission Bows company in California. It’s unique, for it’s got a wide range of applications as well as functional design. The Mission SWITCH Compound Bow is one of the fastest shooting compound bows on the market today.

The Mission SWITCH Compound Bow is a wood arrow rest and composite handle combination that is extremely lightweight and efficient. It also has the usual Mission features: hip butt harness and a large set of recurve limbs. This bow also has built in drag cams and an anti-vibration action that make it incredibly smooth and easy to shoot. The Mission SWITCH Compound Bow has been manufactured using a core of artificial hardwood and a resin designed to keep the limb from warping. The bow also uses a patented, easy release limb lock system that locks the limbs in place while the bow is being shot.

So if you’re looking for the perfect bow for deer hunting or target archery, this is the bow for you. It’s lightweight, compact, and extremely efficient. The Mission SWITCH Compound Bow comes with a 45-degree neck and a free-floating design. This bow is great for bowhunting or trout fishing. So if you’re thinking about the best bow on the market, this is the one for you. You won’t regret buying the Mission SWITCH Compound Bow. It’s sleek, simple, and easy to use!