Elite KURE Compound Bow

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Elite KURE bow for sale

Brace Height: 7 "
Axle to Axle Length: 31.5 "
Draw Length: -

Draw Weight: -
IBO Speed: 335 fps
Weight: 4.6 lbs

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In pursuit of making the perfect shooting experience, every ounce of performance and every possible technology must be implemented and tested to reach the pinnacle of shooting. With the new decade, Elite archery introduced the all-new KURE to show what technology and innovation can become when combined into one package.

Things to Consider Before Buying

For 2020, Elite has completely overhauled their bow line up and is offering some of their most competitive bows yet. Leading this new wave of bows is their capable and sleek KURE series of bows. The message Elite wants to send with the KURE line is that no matter the equipment you are using, the KURE will adapt to you and your shooting.

Equipped with the Elite S.E.T cam system, minute and perfectly aligned adjustments can be made to the limbs and cams to ensure perfect arrow flight. This bow doesn’t look like some of the older models that Elite has produced, but once an archer takes a few shots with the bow they’ll know exactly who made it. The adjustable cams allow for every archer to fine tune their experience so they are shooting with precision and consistency.

Who Should Buy it?

The elite KURE is a high-quality bow that is built with the detail-oriented archer in mind who wants nothing short of perfection. Thanks to its blend of refined cams and synchronized movements, the tunability and shooting experience from this bow has been praised by archers of all degrees.

Where the KURE would be most at home would be in the hands of an intermediate to experienced archer. The fine precision means that this bow will impress even the most seasoned archers and will allow intermediate archers to perfect their tuning and shooting accuracy with the KURE’s adjustability.

Who Shouldn’t Buy it?

Even with all of its advanced features and accuracy, the KURE wasn’t intended for every archer. The KURE has plenty of adjustability and offers a range of adjustment, but the fine tuning that gets the KURE shooting accurately might be too much to understand for a true beginner. The amount of fine tuning that makes this bow shine is something intended for the experienced archer to utilize and would only get beginners confused with the amount of adjustment the KURE offers.


  • The KURE combines many advanced technologies to create the ultimate shooting experience
  • The incredibly adjustable cams make for a very tunable and customizable bow
  • The new limbs are designed for increased stability and reduced vibration when hunting


  •  The KURE offers many customizations that most archers will rarely fully utilize
  • The advanced design and materials give this bow a higher price tag than the competition

Final thoughts 

The Elite KURE offers new and exciting hopes for what the future of compound bows could offer to archers. From its advanced cam system to its intentionally thought out design, the KURE offers an opportunity to create a bow that can be truly made yours.

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Specifications for the Elite bow: KURE

Brace Height7 “
Axle to Axle Length31.5 “
Draw Length
Draw Weight
IBO Speed335 fps
Weight4.6 lbs
Let-Off70 – 90%

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Elite bows for sale

The Elite Kure Compound Bow offers a range of bows and arrows, with a single, comfortable, harness style handle. Elite combines contemporary design with comfort, enhancing the performance of each unit. Made from carbon fiber, the Elite boasts a small, lightweight design and great resistance to impact. Developed for professional archers and hunters, the Elite bow has a built in optical sight, which attaches to the archer’s belt. In addition, the Elite features a stand-alone backstop, making the bow easy to transport. This bow is designed for the serious outdoorsman and hunters who demand superior performance at an excellent price. There are over a dozen models of Elite, some models in black leather and others in black composite.

Another feature that makes Elite more popular is the adjustable dial, which allow you to adjust the draw length, the angle of the arrow, and even the grip. The adjustable handle offers exceptional control and better comfort than a standard bow. The Elite also comes with a bull bar on the back of the bow, which makes loading and unloading easy. The Elite is priced in line with its competitors and offers great performance for its price. The Elite includes a slim handle for ease of carrying and is compact enough to be carried anywhere.

With over a decade of testing, Elite is now known for quality. The Elite is easy to use, has the superior accuracy, and is extremely comfortable. The Elite is perfect for the beginner, as well as the veteran hunter, offering superior performance at an outstanding price. The Elite Compound Bow is designed with the outdoorsman in mind, and offers state of the art performance for its price.