Elite VICTORY 37 Compound Bow

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Elite VICTORY 37 bow for sale

Brace Height: 6.75 "
Axle to Axle Length: 37 "
Draw Length: 26 " - 31 "

Draw Weight: 30 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed: 340 fps
Weight: 4.2 lbs

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VICTORY 37 reviews

Elite Archery has been perfecting their craft for many years and has been trying to create the perfect hunting bow that would take down any animal without them even knowing it. However, when they released the Victory 37, they entered into an entirely different field to become the kings.

Things to Consider Before Buying

The Victory 37 was designed from the ground up to be a competitive entry into the world of compound bow target shooting. Its long length of 37 inches, combined with its reinforced risercage technology make for a very stable shooting platform that has the balance to shoot accurately with every shot. The two-track cam system that is used on the Victory help it to be increasingly smooth and accurate, making the Victory one of the most shootable target bows available.

The shooting speeds of 330 fps mean that the Victory is as fast as it is accurate. Its beyond parallel limbs design helps to disperse the weight of the large bow evenly and increases the feeling of balance in the hands of an archer. The Victory has been praised by many competitive archers for its accuracy and reliability when shooting and has solidified itself as one of the greatest target shooting compound bows.

Who Should Buy it?

The Elite Victory 37 has all the features a target shooter needs and also has the specifications to make it a formidable hunting bow. The large frame and sturdy riser design mean that the Victory will not only be stable, but feel balanced in the hands of the shooter. An archer looking to improve their accuracy at the range will also be pleased with the performance of the smooth cams the Victory uses as they serve to make the drawing easier and the shots smoother. The Victory would be an excellent bow choice for the archer looking to get into target shooting and also wants an all-around good bow.

Who Shouldn’t Buy it?

Even if you think you want to get into to target shooting with the Victory, it may not be the bow for everyone. Its large size and heavier weight mean this would not be the best choice for smaller or less experienced archers who might find it unwieldly. The specific uses for this bow are also limited, so any serious hunter who needs specialized sound suppression technology will want to look elsewhere for their bow.


  • The Victory 37 has a frame and limbs that help it become increasingly stable
  • The high speeds of the bow keep it shooting accurately at increasing distances
  • The cams allow for smooth and consistent shooting after every shot


  •  The Victory has a higher price associated with its niche market uses and won’t serve every archer’s needs

Final thoughts 

For the archer looking to take a bow to the range for a test of skills, the Elite Victory 37 will be a reliable and balanced companion, keeping you in the 10s for many years to come.

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Specifications for the Elite bow: VICTORY 37

Brace Height6.75 “
Axle to Axle Length37 “
Draw Length26 ” – 31 “
Draw Weight30 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed340 fps
Weight4.2 lbs
Let-Off75 – 90%

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It’s no secret that every bow hunter and bow lover want to own an Elite VICTORY 37 Compound Bow. The reason behind this is because it boasts of being the most advanced bow ever. This bow has a special alloy that not only improves its performance, but also its quality as well. The name itself is a clear indication of what this bow has in store for your bowhunting success.

The Elite Victoria 37 compound bow is equipped with a patented ergonomic design that automatically adjusts the distance of the limbs when you’re aiming. Another improvement that the bow boasts of is that the arrows are designed to remain in one piece. What this means is that there is no chance of the arrow slipping out of the bowstring due to wear or tearing. If this happens, there is the chance that the arrow may get stuck in the string. This kind of scenario can cost you a very expensive arrow.

Since this bow is one of the best bows on the market, there’s no reason why you should miss out on this magnificent bow. All you have to do is to place your order. This will provide you with your shipment in no time at all. As long as you stick to the package instructions, you shouldn’t encounter any problems with this amazing bow.