PSE Drive SD Compound Bow

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PSE Drive SD for sale

Brace Height: 6.375 "
Axle to Axle Length: 29.5 "
Draw Length: 22 " - 25.5 "

Draw Weight: 40 lbs - 50 lbs
IBO Speed: 282 - 274 fps
Weight: 3.7 lbs

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PSE Drive SD Review

Getting archers in the field without making them spend thousands of dollars is at the core of what PSE sets out to do. Their DRIVE series of bows has been impressing archers all throughout the industry as each bow in the line offers something unique and impressive at its price. The Drive SD is one such bow that brings a shorter bow into a more reasonably priced category.

Things to Consider Before Buying

PSE has been bringing archers new and exciting options to shoot with for many years with their new DRIVE series bringing their excellent performance into a more affordable price range. To give archers with smaller frames and draw lengths an affordable bow, the Drive SD takes what makes the other DRIVE series bows great and brings it into a small and easy-to-use form.

The Drive SD comes in a frame that only measures 29 ½ inches in length which makes it one of the shortest bows in the PSE lineup of bows. The smaller frame of the bow makes it ideal for the smaller archer who still wants to be able to perform like they’re using a larger bow. To help aid its small size, this bow comes with the short draw (SD) package that reduces the draw length even more to make it a comfortable bow to shoot for smaller archers.

Shooting speeds of up to 282 fps are able to be achieved thanks to the proven 3-track binary cam system that PSE uses on its bows, to achieve impressive speeds while still maintaining a smooth and comfortable shooting experience. A weight of just 3.7 pounds helps the rest of the bow feel balanced and agile with a small frame and lightweight combination making for a deadly shooting companion.

Who Should Buy it?

The small frame and even shorter draw length of the Drive SD make it a great option for archers with smaller-than-average frames. Female archers and younger archers alike will benefit from the reduced size and draw length that this bow offers.

Who Shouldn’t Buy it?

The reduced size and power of the bow may be a saving grace to some and a hinderance to others. Larger archers will have a difficult time working with the SD and may find it too small to use comfortably. The low power may also turn away some serious hunters looking for more performance.


  • The Drive SD offers a new, shorter draw option to archers who need it
  • The smaller frame and presence of the bow makes it very light
  • 3-track binary cams help make the bow shoot smooth and straight
  • The Drive series offers many high-end features at a more affordable price


  • The small frame limits the number of archers who can comfortably use this bow

Final thoughts 

Small archers can rejoice with the Drive SD, which offers a smaller and more affordable package than ever before to the archer looking to show that small things can deliver big results.

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Specifications for the PSE bow: Drive SD

Brace Height6.375 “
Axle to Axle Length29.5 “
Draw Length22 ” – 25.5 “
Draw Weight40 lbs – 50 lbs
IBO Speed282 – 274 fps
Weight3.7 lbs

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PSE Drive SD Compound Bow
PSE Drive SD Compound Bow is a new concept of compound bow designed by PSE Bows. These compound bows are designed to eliminate the problems that some users are experiencing with traditional compound bows. If you are looking for a bow that is light weight, easy to shoot and eliminates many of the drawbacks of the traditional compound bow, then this is a great bow for you. These bows have the lightweight of a compound bow and as the name implies, they have a “driver” instead of a regular “bowstring”. However, the difference between the two is that with this type of bow, the driver is the portion of the bowstring that delivers the shock wave into the body of the arrow.

The bow string is designed to be long, so that it can deliver the shock wave into the body of the arrow in order to increase its power. This design of bowstring is similar to how an auto body reacts to the car you hit. The larger and heavier the vehicle is, the more the arrow is pushed back and the greater the force is on the arrow. The PSE Drive SD Compound Bow was designed to help users be able to get that same amount of force into the arrow that they would receive with a traditional compound bow.

It was designed for hunters who are looking for a lightweight bow that has the power of a compound bow but is easy to use. The compound bow is easy to hold and easy to shoot because it allows the user to change the point of contact between the string and the arrow for every shot. Unlike a normal compound bow, a PSE Drive SD Compound Bow does not need to be adjusted every time you change your shooting angle. These bow designs are only meant for indoor use but do have the ability to shoot outside during hunting season.