PSE Perform-X SD Compound Bow

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PSE Perform-X SD for sale

Brace Height: 6 "
Axle to Axle Length: 34 "
Draw Length: 21 " - 27 "

Draw Weight: 40 lbs - 50 lbs
IBO Speed: 318 - 310 fps
Weight: 4.7 lbs

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PSE Perform-X SD Review

Target archery has always been about who can use the longest bow to achieve the best performance, without considering the frustration placed on smaller archers trying to keep up. PSE recognized the struggles that were plaguing shorter target shooters and designed the new Perform-X SD. It is an excellent and accurate target bow that has the ability to compete with the big dogs in a smaller form factor.

Things to Consider Before Buying

PSE has been a rising name in the target archery scene with their new Perform-X series of bows shaking up the industry. Unlike many traditional bows where you would shoot from the side of the bow, the new Perform-X series has the arrow fire through the riser for an even more accurate shot.

The Perform-X SD variation of the bow is like the other versions of the bow, except that it offers a shorter draw for archers with shorter draw lengths. This means archers who previously struggled with larger target bows can now use the SD for uncompromising performance. The frame of the bow is a balanced 34 inches in length, which provides a great balance between target bows and normal compound bows. It is a great bow for mix of shooting styles.

To give shorter-draw archers an extra hand, the SD reduces the draw length down to a range of 21 to 27 inches for maximum comfort. Even though the overall draw lengths have been reduced, the bow is still able to shoot at up to 318 fps for a fast and accurate shot any time you step up to the line. The Perform-X SD makes for a truly unique and revolutionary shooting experience that opens up the world of target archery to a wider audience.

Who Should Buy it?

With its very intentional design and target market, the Perform-X SD offers an excellent target bow to archers with shorter draw lengths. The overall smaller frame and draw length of this bow make it great for smaller framed archers looking to try out target archery.

Who Shouldn’t Buy it?

The niche market that the bow is aimed at really limits its audience and makes it less than ideal for many archers. Normal or larger-sized archers could just get the normal variant of the Perform-X as the SD may be hard to use. Hunters and beginners should also look elsewhere for a more specialized bow.


  • The SD opens up the target archery world to new archers
  • The smaller frame size helps make the bow easier to use than larger bows
  • The shoot-thru riser innovates and improves on the old design
  • Adjustability allows this bow to be used by a variety of archers


  • The short draw is great for some archers and severely limits how many can use this bow

Final thoughts 

Short-draw archers can rejoice as the Perform-X SD brings the world of target archery into a comfortable package so any archer can start hitting bullseyes with ease.

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Specifications for the PSE bow: Perform-X SD

Brace Height6 “
Axle to Axle Length34 “
Draw Length21 ” – 27 “
Draw Weight40 lbs – 50 lbs
IBO Speed318 – 310 fps
Weight4.7 lbs

3 quick questions about PSE Perform-X SD

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A PSE Perform-X SD Compound Bow Is A Heavy Longbow
A PSE Perform-X SD Compound Bow is a heavy bow used for long distance archery. It is usually very strong and can be built up to produce a powerful arrow. The name PSE refers to the PSE Performance Systems, a manufacturer that manufactures a large variety of arrows and bows. The bow is built around a hollow bow part that is known as the shaft, which is what holds the string. This is also the part that moves and bears the weight of the arrow when it is fired.

When you purchase a PSE Perform-X SD Compound Bow you will need to supply the caliber and draw weight of the bow. There are many different draw lengths available with each of the bows. There are also adjustable limbs so that you can change the height at which you draw. There are also features available such as feathers that adjust to your liking so that you can use them for safety or add them to make your arrows more ornamental.

A PSE Perform-X SD Compound Bow is normally constructed of carbon fiber or carbon rubber. These materials are known for their toughness and are flexible enough to provide enough stiffness so that you can make quick shots and not strain yourself. It also does not bend in the wrong direction, unlike other types of bows that can deform and become weak and break. If you plan on shooting the long distance then this type of bow is a great choice. They are also available in bronze or nickel plated finishes.