Athens ASCENT Compound Bow

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Athens ASCENT bow for sale

Brace Height: 6.25 "
Axle to Axle Length: 36 "
Draw Length: 25.5 " - 31 "

Draw Weight: 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed: 335 fps
Weight: -

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In the middle of a hunt, the difference between a clean kill and an empty-handed ride home can often be sound. Thanks to the newly refreshed and updated Athens Ascent compound bow, the only thing that stands between you and a clean kill is how long you are willing to wait to take the shot.

Things to consider before buying

The Athens Ascent is everything an archer needs when hunting and leaves behind the nonsense that an archer doesn’t want to worry about. The new Athens MT cam system that comes standard on all of their newest bows makes for an incredibly customizable bow that allows every archer to fine tune and customize their bow to their perfect liking, for the best shots of their life. The impressive shooting speed of 335 fps means that the Ascent will be equally comfortable at the range as it would be on a hunt, so the owner can be the talk of any trip they take part in. The GAS High Octane bowstrings that come with every Athens bow are some of the best out there, and their custom tensioning on the Ascent means that the strings will be as silent as your breath when you take your kill shot.

Who should buy it?

The Athens Ascent compound bow is an excellent bow that would be a great choice for the archer who is looking for an upgrade from their beginner bow. It has impressive speeds and a design that will survive even the most accident-prone archers. This means the Ascent isn’t just your next bow, but an investment in your archery journey and a bow you can use for years to come. The Ascent could even be a good bow for an older archer who is just picking up the sport as the customizability and easy shooting experience make for a bow that doesn’t shock or surprise new archers.

Who shouldn’t buy it?

The Ascent is a great bow that is suited for many archers with the exception of true beginners who have never shot a bow before. The high price aside for a first bow, the power required to draw the bow and the forces generated from its high shooting speed would be fairly difficult for young and new archers to handle when just getting into archery.


  • The Ascent’s MT cam system allows for fast shots without the noise often associated with speed
  • The GAS strings that come with the bow are specially tuned and incredibly durable
  • The noise and vibration reduction technologies on the Ascent is built in and non-intrusive


  • The higher price of the Ascent makes it a purchase that needs to be carefully considered
  • The strings being pre-tuned may not be ideal for the hunter who want to do home tuning

Final Thoughts

Through a combination of performance and stealth, the Athens Ascent provides immense value for its hefty price tag and allows any hunter to pick it up and perform without any fuss.

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Specifications for the Athens bow: ASCENT

Brace Height6.25 “
Axle to Axle Length36 “
Draw Length25.5 ” – 31 “
Draw Weight40 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed335 fps

3 quick questions about Athens ASCENT

🏹 Are Athens ASCENT bows made in America?

Yes they are made in Henrietta, NY 14467

🏹 How much does a Athens ASCENT bow cost?

You can find it for around 850. Check above, to find the exact price.

🏹 What type of bow is a Athens ASCENT bow?

This is a compound bow and a great choice for the archer who is looking for an upgrade from their beginner bow.

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Athens bows for sale

If you are searching for the right compound bow, the Athens ASCENT Compound Bow is ideal for you. The bow is built from sturdy carbon composite materials and is a great deal of fun to shoot. It has a universal size system for the limbs fit seamlessly into place. The limbs are loaded and un-loaded in seconds. The fly system is adjustable to each user’s individual preference, making the bow as customizable as possible. There are several different attachments that allow the user to customize the limbs to their preference.

Some of the attachments include the attachable cam, which provides easy access to the firing chamber without having to remove the bow. Another attachment is the body grip which is very versatile and comfortable for the user. The body grip can be left off if you want to conserve the space on your equipment rack. The bow can be left on the shelf to be enjoyed when it needs a break. The Athens Ascend Acceent Compound Bow will hold up to the toughest of the chemicals and will stand up to the best of hunting conditions. Any shooter who does not have the time or patience to hunt at long ranges is a good candidate for this bow. Its lightweight design allows the shooter to move around during hunting, minimizing the impact on their shooting position.

The Athens Ascent Compound Bow is perfect for anyone looking for a bow that is affordable and offers enough power to enjoy on long range hunting. Its lightweight design allows the shooter to move around during hunting, minimizing the impact on their shooting position. When considering a new bow, make sure to check out the Athens ASCENT Compound Bow and check out the attachments available.