Bowtech Carbon Overdrive Compound Bow

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Bowtech Carbon Overdrive bow for sale

Bowtech Carbon Overdrive Compound Bow

Brace Height: 6.5 "
Axle to Axle Length: 31.5 "
Draw Length: 25 " - 30 "

Draw Weight: 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed: 342 fps
Weight: 3.3 lbs

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Carbon Overdrive reviews

For any hunter looking for a high-speed bow with a low weight and a compact size, the Bowtech Carbon Overdrive compound bow is a fine option to consider. This is one of the more quiet hunting bows out there, which combines with a high level of adjustability, great durability, and high speed arrow flight. Considering how effective this compound bow is for hunting, it’s surprising that it costs as little as it does.

Things to consider before buying

The Bowtech Carbon Overdrive compound bow comes with a silencing package that includes a Bio-Shock dampening system, a string stop and cable silencers, as well as a couple of other features which all help to virtually eliminate noise. This bow also features minimal vibration, although there is a bit of hand shock to deal with when an arrow is let loose.

In terms of the eccentric system, the Bowtech Carbon Overdrive features the Overdrive binary cam system, where the draw length can be adjusted without a bow press, using the rotating mods. This bow also features draw weights of 40, 50, 60, and 70 pounds, with a max let off of 80%, making it very easy to draw and quite smooth as well. This bow has a good back wall, although not quite as solid as in some other models.

The draw cycle features even weight distribution for a smooth experience. What is quite surprising is that the Bowtech Carbon Overdrive compound bow can produce arrow speeds upwards of 240 FPS, making it ideal for maintaining flat arrow trajectories over long distances, while also having enough of a punch to take out most big game. The grip is made of only side plates on the riser and is quite minimal, although it is also fairly comfortable. The Carbon Overdrive comes in 4 finish color options.


  • High FPS
  • Easy to adjust draw length
  • Very smooth draw cycle
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ideal hunting bow
  • Comfortable grip


  • Some hand shock
  • Back wall could be more solid

Final thoughts

Coming in at a fairly decent price, with a high level of adjustability, great durability, a high FPS, and a lightweight, comfortable, and compact design, the Bowtech Carbon Overdrive compound bow is an ideal hunting bow.

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Specifications for the Bowtech bow: Carbon Overdrive

Brace Height6.5 “
Axle to Axle Length31.5 “
Draw Length25 ” – 30 “
Draw Weight40 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed342 fps
Weight3.3 lbs

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