Bowtech Convergence Compound Bow

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Bowtech Convergence bow for sale

Brace Height: 7 "
Axle to Axle Length: 31.5 "
Draw Length: 21 " - 31 "

Draw Weight: 8 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed: 330 fps
Weight: 4.1 lbs

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Convergence reviews

Starting in archery with one bow and then going through about three others before you get your final bow is tedious and can become incredibly expensive. Bowtech recognized this struggle and created the versatile and adaptable Convergence to allow a beginner and expert archer to be equally successful with the same bow.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Just as the name suggests, the convergence is the point at which performance and adaptability meet to create a bow for any archer to use and enjoy. Starting with the excellent Bowtech binary cam system, the twin cams that work together for smooth and consistent shooting performance, means that the shots will be both forgiving and accurate. The impressive shooting speeds of up to 330 fps means that any archer can take this bow to the range or on a hunt with the confidence in knowing they have enough speed and power to get the job done.

The draw weight has an unheard-of adjustment from 8-70 pounds meaning that a small child and world-renowned archer would each be able to have their perfect draw weight set on this bow, with just a minor adjustment to get it set. This bow was meant to grow with the archer and that design mindset is evident from the sheer range that this bow is meant to operate in.

Who Should Buy it?

The range of abilities and skill levels that the Convergence is able to accommodate makes this bow able to be effective and deadly in the hands of any archer. The archer who would get the most out of this bow is the beginner who wants a bow they can learn and grow with. The ability to start off with the bow in a low power setting and then incrementally make it more powerful means that one archer can use this bow throughout their career and be as successful with their first shot as they will be with their last.

Who Shouldn’t Buy it?

The Convergence offers the features and power that most archers need, but there are some who may not benefit from the bow’s adjustability. Those archers who have larger frames may feel constrained by this bow as it is designed with shorter limbs and a smaller build for younger shooters. Serious hunters who also want sound-suppressing technology may also want to look elsewhere for more hunting-oriented performance bows.


  • The Convergence offers a wide range of performance and adjustability to suit the needs of many archers
  • The dual cam system makes for smooth and forgiving draws
  • The lightweight design makes the bow ideal for younger archers


  •  The Convergence lacks any serious hunting technology for noise suppression
  • The small size is difficult for larger adults to use properly

Final thoughts 

Despite its lack of niche technology, the Bowtech Convergence bridges the gap between worlds and provides a package that any archer could pick up and be successful with, after just a few small tweaks.

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Specifications for the Bowtech bow: Convergence

Brace Height7 “
Axle to Axle Length31.5 “
Draw Length21 ” – 31 “
Draw Weight8 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed330 fps
Weight4.1 lbs

3 quick questions about Bowtech Convergence

🏹 Are Bowtech Convergence bows any good?

The Convergence offers a wide range of performance and adjustability to suit the needs of many archer.

🏹 Who owns Bowtech Convergence bows?

Norwest Equity Partners.

🏹 What type of bow is a Bowtech Convergence bow?

This compound bow is a great choice for beginners.

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The Bowtech Convergence Compound Bow is a high performance bow that was originally developed for the military. There are many different types of bows from different bow makers. When purchasing one of these bows, it’s important to consider the type of arrows and arrowhead that will be used with it. Although some bows may have certain features that require the use of specific accessories, other bows are designed to be used with an array of accessories. Depending on the bow that you choose, you may want to purchase a rest to use while using your bow.

Another feature of the Bowtech Convergence Compound Bow is the weight of the bow. This particular bow weighs approximately seventeen pounds. The weight will depend on the type of material that is used in the construction of the bow. Some bows are extremely lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. On the other hand, the heavier weight bows have to be supported by a couple of chairs or storage boxes.

The design of the bow can affect the way that the bow is used. For example, there are natural archers who prefer to fight with a longbow and then switch to a compound bow once they have mastered it. This type of bow is also ideal for hunting. Another type of bow would be the recurve or longbow. Although this type of bow is usually carried by both bowmen and women, it is still primarily used by men. The archer will typically use this type of bow to hunt deer or game birds.