Bowtech Sniper Compound Bow

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Bowtech Sniper bow for sale

Brace Height: 7.75 "
Axle to Axle Length: 34.125 "
Draw Length: 27 " - 32 "

Draw Weight: 50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed: 304 fps - 312 fps
Weight: 4.1 lbs

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Things to Consider Before Buying

If you want a longer rig bow that offers a more forgiving shot every time, the Bowtech Sniper compound bow is your best bet.

It measures 34 inches axle to axle and has a brace height of 7.75 inches, which is great because the bow is more forgiving of shooting mistakes.

The riser is well-made with numerous cutouts, a built-in broad head shelf, and a sight picture cutout. This riser design is lightweight and minimizes hand shock.

This model features the vertical-force limb technology, which ensures there is superior energy transfer, eliminating vibration after shot release.

The strong and flexible limbs support a draw weight range of 50 to 70 pounds, in increments of ten. So, you can easily adjust the poundage to your convenience.

When compared to the latest Bowtech Revolt X, the Bowtech Sniper is lighter, has a more forgiving brace height, and has a slightly longer draw length.

The Bowtech Sniper Compound Bow is a great choice, if you are in need of a longer axle to axle for taking those exaggerated shots in the hunting field.

Pros and Cons


  • A very forgiving bow
  • Lightweight and hand-shock free riser
  • Has superior repeatability and accuracy
  • Features an adjustable let-off
  • Solid back wall makes it easy to hold on a target longer enough


  • Hush kit string system may be shorter
  • Long rig means less speed

Final Thoughts

The Bowtech Sniper compound bow is not only more forgiving, but it also provides you with an adjustable let-off, and a slightly longer peak draw length. 

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Specifications for the Bowtech bow: Sniper

Brace Height7.75 “
Axle to Axle Length34.125 “
Draw Length27 ” – 32 “
Draw Weight50 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed304 fps – 312 fps
Weight4.1 lbs
Let-Off65% – 80%

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Bows are made for different hands and therefore, if you are a right-handed person make sure that you purchase a bow for a right-hand draw and vice versa. Perhaps among the most important decisions you will need to make when deciding on a compound bow is whether to shoot right-handed or left-handed. An appropriate compound bow needs to be designed with an adjustable draw length that helps the user to have a real shoot so.