Diamond Edge SB-1 Compound Bow

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Diamond Edge SB-1 bow for sale

Diamond Edge SB-1 Compound Bow

Brace Height: 7 "
Axle to Axle Length: 31 "
Draw Length: 15 " - 30 "

Draw Weight: 7 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed: 318 fps
Weight: 3.6 lbs

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Edge SB-1 reviews

All Diamond compound bows feature cutting edge technology, and the same is the case with the Edge SB-1. This bow is really top-notch when it comes to adjustability, versatility and usability. If you are a novice and want to improve your skills in archery, then this bow is a great choice for you. However, this bow is equally useful for a seasoned professional as well.

Things to consider before buying

This compound bow comes with 63 pounds of limb adjustment and you can do that without a problem. Apart from that, this bow has rotating modules and a draw length of 15 inches.


The Diamond Edge SB-1 is available in four different finishes. You can choose the typical “Breakup Country Mossy Oak” or “Blackops.” or for something more colorful, the “Blue Blaze” or “Purple Blaze.” The latter two won’t work if you’re an ambush hunter.

Riser and limbs

This compound bow features a composite riser. This riser keeps things quiet and vibration-free. The Edge SB-1 is pretty lightweight, as it is the case with most of the bows from Diamond. The limbs feature rotating modules that allow you to make adjustments to the drawing length with ease.


This rig features a binary cam system from Bowtech and you will only have to set the system once. This cam system not only allows you to improve your accuracy but also works with a speed of 318 feet per second.

Who should buy it?

This rig is suitable for all kinds of bow users, beginners and experts alike. However, it is most suitable for intermediate and expert shooters.

Who shouldn’t buy it?

The Edge SB-1 is not the best kind of bow to start archery with, but it will still get the job done pretty well. It might be a better idea to go for lower-cost options in your early days of archery.


  • Rotating modules
  • Very fast adjustability
  • Highly versatile


  • Not the right option for beginners

Final Thoughts

The Diamond Edge SB-1 is the kind of compound bow you can grow with in archery. If you have previously used a compound bow and understand the basics, then you could definitely get your hands on this baby and start improving your skills in no time.

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Specifications for the Diamond bow: Edge SB-1

Brace Height7 “
Axle to Axle Length31 “
Draw Length15 ” – 30 “
Draw Weight7 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed318 fps
Weight3.6 lbs

3 quick questions about Diamond Edge SB-1

Is Diamond Edge SB-1 bows good for beginners?

Yes this is an ok bow for beginners. Check even better options for beginners here.

Who owns Diamond Edge SB-1 bows?

Yes Diamond is a sister company of the American company Bowtech.

What type of bow is a Diamond Edge SB-1 bow?

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EZ-Adjust System One of the greatest things about the Edge SB-1 is how simple it is to modify. It’s never recommended to buy a used crossbow, since you can’t truly know the status of the limbs and the remainder of the components unless you happen to be a trained bow technician. As it could be good for an extremely young archer that you are simply wanting to give them with the notion of the way in which a bow works and the basic principles of how to utilize it.