Bear Encounter Compound Bow

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Bear Encounter bow for sale

Brace Height: 7.75 "
Axle to Axle Length: 30.5 "
Draw Length: 27 " - 32 "

Draw Weight: 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed: 310 fps
Weight: 3.7 lbs

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The Bear Encounter Compound Bow is a fantastic lightweight bow, that can help turn a big buck dream into reality.

Things to consider before buying

The Bear Encounter compound bow is designed to ensure increased consistency and accuracy. This product is perfect for various situations, whether you want to hunt bucks or whitetails. Following are some features that will give you a clearer picture regarding this product’s functionality and whether it’s suitable for you:


The Bear Encounter Compound Bow boosts an aluminum riser, which measures 30.5 inches axle to axle. Moreover, it weighs less than 3.7 pounds. This lightweight design and short length give the Bear Encounter Compound bow greater maneuverability, which is much appreciated by hunters. If you spend a lot of time in the woods with this bow, you will surely appreciate its weight and size.

Durable construction

The cables and strings of this product are constructed with high-modulus polyethylene. This sturdy material boasts high-impact strength and provides greater resistance to abrasion and corrosive chemicals. This material enhances the performance of this bow by providing superior tensile strength and minimal stretching.     

Single cam eccentric system

The Bear Encounter Compound Bow incorporates an E2-cam that provides the users with smooth drawing. This single-cam eccentric system does not require synchronization, thus making it low-maintenance and simpler to tune for a beginner.

The cam rotates on stainless steel bearing, and its draw lengths can be adjusted in half-inch increments without using a bow press or additional external modules. This compound bow is one of the few bows available in this price range, where a draw length of 32 inches can be set, making it ideal for taller archers.   

Pros of the Bear Encounter compound bow

  • Lightweight aluminum construction makes it easy to adjust, carry, and manipulate
  • Draw length can be easily adjusted, thus saving time and effort
  • Smooth drawing cycle makes it ideal for beginners
  • Exceptional accuracy and high performance for attractive prices

Cons of the Bear Encounter Compound Bow

  • Only available in Realtree APG, which limits the choice to just one color pattern
  • Its 310 fps speed, although powerful, is still less when compared to other bows in this price range

Final thoughts

Despite being a bow for beginners, this bow has all the features that can help take down a game animal. Its advanced specifications and high-quality workmanship make it perfect for hunting a wide range of animals; including turkey, deer and moose. The Bear Encounter compound bow takes archery to the next level.

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Specifications for the Bear bow: Encounter

Brace Height7.75 “
Axle to Axle Length30.5 “
Draw Length27 ” – 32 “
Draw Weight40 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed310 fps
Weight3.7 lbs

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