Bear Method Compound Bow

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Bear Method bow for sale

Bear Method Compound Bow

Brace Height: 6.75 "
Axle to Axle Length: 33 "
Draw Length: 26.5 " - 31 "

Draw Weight: 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed: 340 fps
Weight: 4.0 lbs

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Method reviews

The Bear Method is quiet, smooth, and fast, with incredibly fluid, shock-free shots- thanks to the string suppressors. It’s an efficient, lightweight bow that is a pleasure to use and comes at an affordable price. With incredible comfort and speed, it’s a great bow for beginners and entry-level 3D competition, but there are a lot of features to keep even seasoned bowhunters happy with the Method.  


The Bear Method compound bow is designed for speed and silence, delivering exceptional performance for a bow in its price range. It has the Bear H13 Synchronized Hybrid cams, with rotating modules that allow you to change the draw length quickly, without using a bow press. The H13 cams also create a draw that is smooth and flat throughout the draw cycle, for great speed and fluid motion, with efficiency and travel at every draw length.

The Bear Dual Arc String Suppressors make the bow incredibly quiet and vibration-free, to preserve your cover. The Method has the same Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs as the more expensive Bear Motive bows, and Zero Tolerance Limb Pockets, which eliminate movement and dampen vibration.

The Method has a thick, rubber grip that is comfortable and well-balanced. It keeps the hands warmer in cold weather, but the thickness may take some getting used to. The bow is available in Realtree APG Camo or Shadow/black colors.


  • Sound suppression features keep the bow incredibly quiet and vibration-free
  • Cam allows draw length to be adjusted without a bow press
  • Very fast bow, with speeds up to 340fps and a shorter brace height
  • 75% let off allows more time to adjust aim and improve accuracy
  • Lightweight, at just 4 pounds
  • Rubber grip improves comfort, absorbs vibration, and keeps the hands warmer


  • String suppressors are not adjustable
  • Only comes in two colors
  • Some people don’t care for the thickness of the rubber grip, but it is replaceable


The Bear Method is a fast, quiet bow with the fluid shot, comfortable grip, and light weight that make it perfect for beginners. But even experienced archers will appreciate the speed, power, and accuracy of this compound bow from Bear.

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Specifications for the Bear bow: Method

Brace Height6.75 “
Axle to Axle Length33 “
Draw Length26.5 ” – 31 “
Draw Weight40 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed340 fps
Weight4.0 lbs

3 quick questions about Bear Method

🏹 Is Bear Method bows good for beginners?

Yes the price makes it a great choice for beginners.

🏹 Who owns Bear Method bows?

In 2003 Escalade Sports acquired the North American Archery Group and thereby Bear Archery.

🏹 What type of bow is a Bear Method bow?

This is a compound bow designed for speed and silence at a low price. See other best compound bows for the money.

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The bow certainly resembles a Hoyt with its distinctive riser design. It also comes in a number of finishes with the most popular finishes being RealTree Xtra camo as well as shadow, sand and olive. Bear’s whitetail hunter compound bow is quite a versatile bow that is chiefly liked and used by the hunters due to its attractive capabilities.